Laboratory Developed Tests

In addition to our expertise in clinical laboratory testing, CD Laboratories offers diagnostic innovations through its proprietary laboratory developed tests. The powerful combination of our clinical testing and research and development activities leads to faster test validation with an abundant supply of clinical samples available for testing. Test results from our laboratory can be used for both patient diagnosis and clinical studies needed for FDA regulatory approval. This makes CD Laboratories the perfect partner for your assay development needs.


Risk free collaborations
When working with an assay development client, CD Laboratories uses milestone-based timelines to minimize the risk associated with assay development costs. A project timeline is laid out  according to major milestones. Each company’s responsibilities are clearly defined so that the point at which a milestone is achieved is clearly understood. At each milestone, the client  can decide if they wish to proceed or end the project.

LDT Workflow
Once a laboratory developed test is fully validated, specimens can be received via a commercial carrier or local courier. Patient data is then entered into our state of the art laboratory information system, which tracks the processing of all samples from accessioning to result reporting. Once final results are released, invoices are automatically generated and released through our billing system, which is linked to hundreds of insurance carriers across the country. These automated systems reduce errors and allow our clients and employees to focus on patient care.

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